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Review and Contest Policy

 Due to an overwhelming TBR pile I am going to be more picky about books I accept for requests.

My Review Policy

What do I review?

I read nearly everything! I love YA novels I think the genre is booming. Some of my favorite things to read are fantasy and paranormal. I also love Steampunk, horror, mysteries and everything in-between.
What I will not review is a short list, I want people of all ages to read my site, so I will not be reviewing any erotica. When it comes to historical fiction, I tend to be picky, I love history and read history books for fun, so accuracy is important to me. If it’s not historically accurate I’m the wrong person to ask to review it.
Formatting  finished copy or ARC it doesn’t matter. Since I am not able to have my computer with me all the time, I will no longer be accepting e-books.

How fast do I review and how do I review?

I will have your book read and a review posted with in 30 days of my receiving it.  If you need a review sooner then 30 days, we can work something out. I will send you an e-mail with the link to the review once it is up. I do read a lot of books of my choosing on my blog, however if I receive a book for review, they go to the top of the pile and will always take precedence. I did time in the US Navy so I am great with deadlines and I am prompt. In short I’m disciplined.
I do not guarantee a positive review; I can only guarantee an honest review. However, if I don’t like the book, I am polite about it and I do encourage reads to look at more favorable reviews. I never get rude or personally attack and author in a review. I tactfully state what I didn’t like and why. However, I always state what I did like as I feel that there is something redeemable in every book no matter how small. I do the typical 1-5 star rating, just like Amazon. My 1 stars are books I didn’t finish or skimmed most of. (Which has only happened once.) My 2 stars are books that I didn’t like, but I finished. My 3 stars are books that are good, but not one of my favorites. My 4 stars are books that are really good and should be looked at. My 5 stars are books that everyone should read as they are some of my favorites.
To see an example of my reviews please go to my review page.

Author Interviews, guest posts, book promotions and giveaways:

I love author interviews and guest posts. I preferred guest posts as I feel it gives the author more freedom to express their thoughts and sometimes there is a topic that the author really wants to talk about and would not get the chance to if it was an interview.
If you are interested in an interview, guest post or having me host a giveaway for your book, I would be more then happy to help. My only rule is I have to have read your work before so I know something about it so I can help promote it better. I will go to the library and get one of your books if I have not read your work before.
I say this as I don’t think it would be fair for me to promote your book if I have not read it. 

If you are interested send me an e-mail:


Giveaway Policy.

* Must be 13 years old to enter.
* Must  live in a qualifying location (Some giveaway are US only some are INT)
* Must follow ALL rules, failure to do so will result in an automatic disqualification. 
* Be polite rudeness in your entry will result in your disqualification. (I say this because it happened once.)
* I am not responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping.
* Winners have 48 hours to respond to me with an address or a new winner will be chosen.
* I reserve the right to end a contest early or terminate the contest at anytime without any notice.  
 So say we all!