Thursday, February 27, 2014

Emblazed by Connie Smith tour!

Hey Y'all I am helping author Connie Smith to promote her new book. My stop is a link and blurb stop.  So without further ado I turn the blog over to Connie!

Here’s the blurb and link for Emblazed:

After all the preparations, Nicholai’s warriors stand on the threshold of warfare, the demons entering the realm in battalions and the world unknowingly depending on the army’s success to continue intact. But the battle is only the beginning of deadly struggles, and the soldiers will soon realize how little they know, how many things are at stake, and how much they have to lose.

Love, hate, hope, despair, anguish, joy… The journey is a gauntlet of emotion and combat, threatening their resolve as much as their lives.

Will their training and ties be enough, or will the complications and the forthcoming evil forever cripple the world’s last hope of survival?

If you want to book one for FREE you can download it on Amazon.

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Thanks for stopping by Connie!

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