Monday, February 3, 2014

Cross my heart and hope to spy

  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Disney-Hyperion; Reprint edition (December 23, 2008)
  • ISBN-10: 1423100069
  • Author: Ally Carter
  • Cover art: Super fun.
  • Overall rating: **** out of 5 stars.
  • Obtained: My local library.

Cross my heart and hope to spy by Ally Carter
Reviewed by Moirae the fates book reviews

Cammie Morgan is back, and it's clear that her life hasn't calmed down since the events of I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You. At first, giddy anticipation is in the air. Gallagher Academy, Cammie's elite spy school, is hosting a visit from a covert training center for boys. Soon after the boys' arrival, though, everything goes dangerously awry when a series of security breaches are discovered at the academy. Worse yet, teenage agent-in-training Cammie is being blamed for the penetration. With the school's top-secret status at risk, the Gallagher Girls have to work quickly to save their beloved school. (Synopsis provided by goodreads)

Just like the first book, this one was action-packed and also was full of laughs. This isn't a series I read in public due to the hilarity, I would end up disrupting those around me by bursting into laughter all the time.

We meet some new characters in this one. Zach is from Blackthorn the spy school for boys. I loved how unsettling he can be. I really felt bad for Cammie when she first meets him, without spoiling anything it was a lot of fun. 

Liz, Bex and Macey are back with Cam in the same fun way that they were in the first book. (As well as the 3rd.) Cam's mom drove me nuts though. I really wanted her to answer some of Cam's questions. There is one big question I really want to know the answer to, but I have a feeling it will not be answered until the last book.

The characters were developed a lot more in this one then they were in the first one. The dialog was just as good though, I have no idea how Carter can come up with all the jokes she does, she must laugh all the time while writing her books. I love being able to pick up the GG books knowing that I'm in for a fun and funny read.

These books are good for all ages, from 10 year olds up. I'm in my late 20's and this is one of my favorite series.  If you have not met Cammie and the gang yet, you should pick up a copy and met them today you will be glad you did!

 So say we all!

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I'm a huge fan of this series!