Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year more reviews

Hey y'all, I know I was busy last year and didn't review as many books as I wanted, but I should have more time this year. I have about 60 pages left of the book I am currently reading and I hope to have a review posted of it on Monday. I am looking forward to so many books this year!

This will be a year to remember in books I can feel it! We get to find out who America chooses in Kiera Cass' THE ONE! We get to start a new adventure with Amy Plum in AFTER THE END! We get to find out all in A.R. Kahler's book THE IMMORTAL CIRUS THE FINAL ACT!  And so much more I am just over the moon with anticipation!

What books are you looking forward to? Any I missed from last year I should read? Drop me a note and let me know!

I know I didn't do a yearly wrap-up like I normally do, but I was just slammed with stuff at the end of the year.

So say we all!

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