Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Help Save the Magnolia League Series!

Okay y'all it's time to pull together and save this awesome series! I recently tweeted author Katie Crouch asking if we would get a book 3 in the Magnolia League series and she responded saying maybe if there is a twitter campaign. So, I am trying to get one going! Please help me with this tweet ANY AND ALL bloggers you know ANY AND ALL people who work for Poppy books (Part of Hatchet book group, Little Brown books) and let's flood twitter with this! I've started a hashtag for it as well #MagnoliaLeague AND #SavetheMagnoliaLeague. Please please please help save this wonderful series! How awesome would it be to show the publisher that the readers want more of this series, if enough of us flood them with it, maybe we can make it happen!

So say we all!

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Jewel Wagner said...

I'm not sure how to twitter or hash tag but I do know I was soooo upset to not see the rest of this great series finished....and just when it was getting really good... Hope I get to find out how it ends!