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Paris' Crushworthy Mystery Man
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Paris, France (RNN)-  Paris has always been referred to as the "city of love" for couples, but more and more single women (and some men!) have been finding a new reason to flock to the City of Lights. A young man, dubbed by some tourists and locals as (insert name here-- "Paris' Superman", "The mysterious hero") has been saving locals and dodging journalists and the Préfecture de Police for decades.
Yes, decades. Local legend and news reports have conflicting opinions as to whether this is the same young man, but ask a grandmother on the street and she'll tell you the legend of the Revenants, a mysterious group of people who never die and dedicate their "lives" to saving others. Sightings of "Vincent" stretch back to the 1940's and a young member of the French Resistance.

They call him Vincent
Reports have pinpointed his age as late teens, though eyewitness reports from the last decade described a man in his early twenties. With black hair, green eyes, and an athletic physique, some bystanders have described him as "god-like", "swoonworthy", "super mignon", and like "someone straight out of an Abercrombie catalogue."
One young woman interviewed on the street told us that she's praying for more opportunities to see more shirtless street swordfighting again. (Who wouldn't want more of that?!)
Shirtless Swordfighting and a Penchant for languages

"I heard him speak English and Italian to a group of tourists before," claimed one cafe owner who claimed to have observed a rescue during last year's near fatal bus accident near the Sorbonne. "And I've had people in here talking about seeing  a dark haired boy who could speak in their language. That's about... ten languages that I've counted so far, if it's the same person."
And languages apparently aren't his only strong suit. Records indicate that a certain Vincent-- whose university photos suspiciously match those of our current mystery hero-- also has a law degree. Of course, when balancing letter of the law against enforcing the law, people on the street who have reported seeing him seem to be most impressed by his fighting prowess
We caught up with Kate, the young American who has been sighted kissing Vincent all over Paris (sorry, he apparently is taken) and she reluctantly sat down with us for a cup of coffee and a quick chat. "His best attributes? Well, he's selfless. He is so incredibly good... and would die in a heartbeat to save another person's life." When pressed about their relationship, Kate smiled and seemed to be holding back about spilling all to us. "There was this girl he loved and, after she died, he didn't see or love anyone else for years," (aside from this reporter-- if we ignore science right now, this could be in reference to a certain Helene, who died during World War II, and who was reportedly in love with a resistance fighter named Vincent...), "And then he met me and for some crazy reason..." she blushed and we didn't push her any farther. Still, she volunteered one last comment, "He makes me feel strong, like I can do anything. That's the kind of boyfriend he is."
Where is the best place to go if you're hoping for a sighting?

So, you're in Paris for a weekend and want to see this legend in the flesh?
You could, of course, risk getting hit by a bus or jump off of a bridge in hopes of being saved, but for the risk-adverse tourist hoping to get a glimpse of this "Vincent", we have gathered a list of the top ten spots in Paris to see him
We have compiled some sightings from the past on Vincent as well as an exclusive interview of Kate to view them please go here. 

Maybe, you too, will be lucky enough to have a legend die for you. 

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