Friday, June 29, 2012

YA Crush Tourney 2

I am SUPER excited to be advocating in the Crush Tourney and I got my FAVORITE Crush to!
I am teaming up with the AWESOME Emberchyld and we are advocating for


Yes, THAT Vincent for the amazing Amy Plum's Die for me  and Until I die!
Emberchyld and I have only a few days to get our argument ready, but our idea will knock your socks off! We are very happy to have gotten him and look forward to putting together our argument and getting Vincent and Amy the exposer that they deserve. However, we are up against Will from Cassie Clare's Clockwork Angel which will be a hard one as he is super neat too, but we love Vincent and hope you all will show him and Amy your love and support as well. If you haven't read Amy's books we hope that our argument will prompt you to check out the books as they are amazing! Hope we can count on your vote this Friday! 

 So say we all!

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