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Author Interview with Alethea Kontis

Hello everyone I am SO excited to be a part of this blog tour! I get the pleasure of welcoming author Alethea Kontis to the blog! YAY!!!! Alethea is the author of several books, but we are looking at her newest book Enchanted today. 
I've read and reviewed this one and I really liked it. You can find my review here.

Without further ado please welcome Alethea to the blog!!

1) What made you want to re-tell the Frog Prince story?

The idea for ENCHANTED began as a contest challenge in my writers group (Codex Writers). Our stories had to be inspired by at least one of four "seeds": "Fundevogel," "The Princess and the Pea," the Irish legend of Cú Chulainn, and the nursery rhyme "There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe." I couldn't choose between them, so I chose them well as all every other fairy tale and nursery rhyme that was suggested.

2) When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an actress or--if that fell through--a writer. As I already was both an actress and a writer by the time I was eight, this felt like a very practical and attainable goal, complete with back-up plan. (I was a very cerebral child.) My parents were not initially supportive of my childhood career path. Silly parents. Amusingly enough, I never had any desire to be a princess. I thought all that stuff was stupid. Because of that, I did not claim my princesshood until right around the age of thirty.

3) Could you tell us something about Sunday that we don't know yet?
Sunday is the youngest child in an extraordinary family, so she's very hard on herself. She likes pretty things, and wishes she could afford to be selfish. She's a writer, and therefore an introvert. She loves her family, but sometimes she just feels overwhelmed. As the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, she has a magical gift where the things she writes come true. As it turns out, she's actually much more powerful than that...she just doesn't know it yet.

4) What was your favorite story as a child?
I read so many books as a child, it's tough to choose a favorite. I was drawn to stories and poetry and impossible things before breakfast, so I loved the Goops books by Gelett Burgess. I also wore out my copy of The Man Who Took the Indoors Out, by Arnold Lobel (which for some terrible reason is now very hard to find). I loved "The Little Match Girl" and "The Little Mermaid," but my favorite fairy tale has always been "The Goose Girl."    

5) What was Sunday's most embarrassing moment?
 One time, Sunday tried to get out of going to market, so she wrote "I won't have to go to market tomorrow" in her journal, because she knew it would come true. That night, she got so sick with a fever that she almost died. After that, she stopped trying to make things happen, and limited herself to writing only stories about her family that she knew had already happened.

6) Does Sunday have any more stories that we might get to hear in the future?
 Of course! The Woodcutter family is CHOCK FULL of stories. I would be a sad girl indeed if I didn't get to tell them all.

7) Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
 Of course! I should mention all the other books I have coming out this summer--2012 is a very big year for me! The most special to me (after Enchanted, of course) is THE WONDERLAND ALPHABET. Janet K. Lee and I collaborated on an Alice in Wonderland alphabet project a long time ago, for an art show to which Janet was asked to submit.  Right after Janet won the Eisner Award last year (w/Jim McCann, for Return of the Dapper Men), the opportunity opened up for us to turn Alice into a picture book, so we jumped on it. Janet and I will be making lots of appearances together in the later half of the year--I'm so excited to have a professional excuse to be signing books right next to one of my very best friends!
Janet's art is AMAZING. You can check out her website:, but if you follow her on Twitter (@Janet_K_Lee), then you get to see all the commission work people ask her to do at conventions--like regency superheroines, or a TARDIS filled with cats.
Also coming this summer is the paperback release of ALPHAOOPS: THE DAY Z WENT FIRST and a collection of my previously published short stories that will be released as an e-book (with the help of my friend Steven Saus at Alliteration Ink). Right now we're calling it THE DARK AND DREAMING WORLDS OF ALETHEA KONTIS. 

Awesome! I hope we get to read Sunday's other stories! I'll be sure to pick up ALPHAOOPS: THE DAY Z WENT FIRST for my nephews sounds like a fun one for them! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!
If you want to know more about Alethea you can find her website  here. And her goodreads author page here. 
You can pre-order a copy of Enchanted from Amazon, Barens and Noble or your favorite bookseller. Enchanted will be released May 8th 2012!

So say we all!


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