Sunday, March 18, 2012

Revenants Week

I am participating in Revenants Week!  It's a week celebrating our favorite characters form Amy Plum's Die for Me series!

 Revenants week was created by The Revenants Central blog. A fan blog to all things Amy Plum! During Revenants week different blogs are participating in revealing a character's profile. These were all created by Amy herself and she has hand picked the photos of who she sees as the best fit for each character.
It's all Amy's genius we can't take any credit for it.

Before I reveal the profile for Ambrose, if you're not familiar with with Amy's series you can find my review of Die for me the first book in the series here.

Book 2 Until I Die is set for release on May 8th 2012, however I was lucky enough to be sent an ARC copy from a fellow blogger you can find my spoiler free review of book 2 here.

And if you want to know even more about the series you can find my interview with Amy here.

If you want to sign up for my Amy Plum Reading Challenge you can do so here.

And now on to Ambrose's character profile!!!!!

 Name: Ambrose Bates
Born: March 15, 1922 in Oxford, Mississippi
Died: you’ll find out in Book 3, but he is eternally 22
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Other vitals: Very muscular, 6'5”, very low baritone voice                                    
Defining characteristics: Has nicknames for everyone: Kate “Katie-Lou”. Calls Jean-Baptiste “JB”. Calls Vincent “Vin”.
Hobbies: Plays trumpet, loves jazz, is a movie buff (had JB build the home cinema), bodybuilding.
Preferred weapon: Battle axe.
Back story: p. 222
Quote: “Kate, enchanted to meet you. I'm Ambrose,” he said in a baritone voice that was as thick as molasses. Then, switching into a perfectly American-accented English, he said, “Ambrose Bate from Oxford, Mississippi. It's nice to meet a fellow countryman in this land of crazy French people!” (DIE FOR ME)

 You can find Vincent's profile on Fiktshun's website. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this clip of Ambrose. I also hope you sign up for the reading challenge and if you haven't yet, I hope you pick up Amy's books they really are wonderful! Die For Me was the best book I read last year.

 So say we all!


Revenants Fans said...

Thank you Moira for being part of Revenant Week! Don't you just love Ambrose? He looks perfect! ;)

Janette said...

Great post and AMBROSE! I love that boy. LOL ;)

Amy Plum said...

I love Ambrose. I also created him, but that doesn't stop me from thinking he's real. :) Thanks for hosting Revenants Week!

Carly Jayne said...

Ambrose and Jules are my favourite by far!

Tanya1224 said...

I've enjoyed all of them. Amy has done such an awesome job with her characters. I can't wait until book 2. There is so much that can happen. Yes...Ambrose is definitely a cutie =)