Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Welcome to day 6 of Mermaid week. For the last 2 days I am going to be reviewing a movie and then a tv show.

It's the end of summer and Claire (Roberts) and Hailey (JoJo) have a major problem. In just five days, Hailey's family is moving halfway around the world! These girls need a major miracle, and they get one in the form of Aquamarine, a beautiful mermaid who washes ashore in a late summer storm. Sweet but clueless to the ways of romance, she offers to grant the girls one wish if they help her find the boy of her dreams. But when they attempt to reel in the cute local lifeguard, the result is something none of them expect and they discover that sometimes what you wish for isn't what you really want after all! (Synopsis provided by Amazon) 
When I first saw the cover for this movie I thought it was going to be hoaky, however, I was pleasantly surprised. It had it's corny moments, but for the most part it was just a fun cute girly movie.
It would be great for a sleep over or a beach trip film.
The movie isn't very long and the acting isn't the best, but it's better then others of course. I liked it and found myself wanting there to be a sequel to this film.

And today's Painting:
Sailor's Prayer
By Robert Wyat Smith

So say we all!

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