Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Really great blog post I found

Hey y'all, I found a really great blog post, it was written by a friend of mine's sister. It's all about writing your blog and not really caring how many people read or how others see it and react to it, sometimes I think as book bloggers we get defeated by thinking our blog isn't good enough or say I only have X amount of followers but So-and-So's blog has X amount. After reading her post, it got me thinking, how sometimes it feels that bloggers are competing almost for followers, coming up with the best meme reviewing a book first ect. Most people in the world are competitive by nature. (I think at least.)

But at the same time, the book blogging community pulls together to help one of our own when they need help. Which is AWESOME! A lot of bloggers have formed personal relationships with authors and consider them friends again AWESOME! (For me an author is like a rock star or a celebrity. OMYGOSH how cool would it be to have an awards show like the Oscars for BOOKS?!) But I digress, the post was really good. I am trying to write a novel myself and I find myself saying some of the same things she did in her post and she's write they are defeatist thoughts.

If you have a few minutes you should read the post it's worth it.

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