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Author Interview with Amy Plum

I am so excited to host Amy Plum for an interview on the blog, I am a huge fan of her books and I am constantly shoving them in my friends hands declaring they have to read it and saying they can call it a birthday present to me. Yes, I really do this. 

Without further ado ladies and gentlemen boys and girls revenants and numa I present Amy Plum!

What is Vincent's most embarrassing moment?

It was the late 1960s, and Vincent had just saved an elderly woman from being run over by a bus. As was the style of the day, his hair was long--half-way down his back. He left the shaken woman in the hands of a competent waiter at a nearby café, and as he left, he heard her say to the waiter, “Now wasn't that a nice young lady who helped me out?” He cut his hair the next day.

What item or items does Kate have that most remind her of her parents?

When Kate and Georgia moved to Paris, they left most of their belongings in storage in New York. But Kate brought some photos with her. It took her a while to pull them out from where she had hidden them--in the back of one of her mom's poetry books--and put them into frames. It's taken a while, but now she's able to look at them and let herself remember.
Also, Kate and Georgia brought their mom's jewelry to Paris with them, and Kate often wears one of her mom's rings. As for her dad, Kate just has to look at her grandfather to remember what he looks like.

 Can you share something about Vincent that we don't know yet?

He has watched every Tim Burton film at least twenty times.

 What is Kate's most embarrassing moment?

When Kate's high school class in Brooklyn took a practice PSAT, the teacher let everyone add up their own scores. Kate tallied up her marks, and then compared her total to the ratings chart on the whiteboard. Horrified, she saw that her score was way below average.
After class was over, she went up to the teacher, showed her the failing mark, and asked what she could do to get a higher score. The teacher took one look and started laughing. Kate had added up her score wrong and actually had the highest score in the class. Math, unfortunately, has never been Kate's forté.

 You've said before that you're a pantser, have you always known how Kate and Vincent's story will end?

I have always known what the absolute end of the trilogy will be, but as to how we get there, I have changed my mind several times.

When you write, what is the one thing you have to have with you?

Well, my Mac laptop, for one. But I think that goes without saying. J I usually have a drink within reach: coffee, tea, or San Pellegrino with a lemon-juice ice cube in it.

What is the one thing that Vincent most misses from this pre-revenant life?

Sleep. He was a big sleeper before--one of those people who is practically snoring the moment their head hits the pillow. So being dormant is actually a comfort to him.

Can you tell us a little more about Jules?

Oh, Jules. Well, you're going to hear more about his story in UNTIL I DIE, so I won't reveal that now. What can I tell you...well, whenever he needs cash, he waits until Ambrose is volant, and then talks him into going to the horse races. Seeing a few minutes into the future comes in handy when betting on horses.

 Thank you so much Amy for stopping by it was such a treat! Can't wait for If I should die
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Amy Plum is the bestselling author of Die for me which debuted from Harper Teen last spring. Her next novel Until I die is set for release May 8th 2012.

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You can find Amy on her Website, her Facebook page, her goodreads author page and her Twitter. 

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