Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter's Respite read a thon


Hey Michelle over at The True Book Addict is hosting a Read a thon I will be participating, it's really relaxed and at your own pace, I plan to re-read Die For Me by Amy Plum as part of it, and to finish my own Amy Plum reading challenge I am hosting. (Sign up y'all, it's just me and RJ so far.)

Anyway, head on over and sign up from Michelle's read a thon!


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I'm glad you're going to try to join me next week. How exciting about your sister having a baby! My niece is due in early February. My first grand-nephew! I have two grand-nieces by my sister's older daughter, but this is the first boy. =O) You'll have to keep me posted about your sister.

I will get the tape in the mail as soon as I can. I hope you'll let me know your thoughts on it.

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Hey, just wanted to stop by and remind you to be sure to sign in at the starting line when you start reading. The post will be up at midnight tonight (Monday, 1/23 at 12:00am CST U.S. time) Hope you have fun reading this week!