Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Sword of Righteousness mini review

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  • Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press LLC (December 1, 2011)
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  • Author: J.W. Baccaro
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*This is information of the kindle version, I have a paperback*

“Darshun Luthais—Nasharin warrior and chosen Guardian of earth, continues his journey across the arctic land of Syngothra, seeking to destroy Abaddon’s Unholy Altar of Power, and bring the Second Great War to an end. But when a new and deadly sorcerer working for Abaddon discovers his plan, he sets up a trap for Darshun and his five companions, a colossal army of darkness lying in wait among the frozen elements, ready to unleash its fury once the intruders are in sight.
Now it is up to King Loreus—ruler of Loreladia to unify the scattered races of Light, and charge into Syngothra before the trap is sprung. For Loreus wields the Golden Sword of Purity, a weapon forged long ago by the Five Holy Races, before darkness had separated them. With little time to spare, the Loreladian King must stop the Elves from another civil war, gain their trust and then encounter the Centaurs of Cestmir, a pious Matriarchy and self-righteous race, where if they do not remember the Sword, they may prove to be more of an enemy than Abaddon." (Synopsis provided by Amazon)

This is a hard one to review without giving away anything, as this series progresses it gets harder and harder to do a spoiler free review. 
If you haven't started reading this series, what are you waiting for? Seriously, it's one of the best adult series I have come across in years! It has everything, magic, suspense, war! Each of these books gets better and better! 
This book picks up where book three left off and right away we see action! Baccaro, doesn't make his readers wait for stuff to happen, it happens right away. We get see our favorite characters develop and face new challenges, this book did throw me through a loop there were some surprises I didn't see coming which was AWESOME! I loved this book and the whole series, can't wait to see what happens next!

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