Monday, October 31, 2011

Body and Soul by Stacey Kade cover reveal!

Hey y'all Stacey is posting this all over there is now a cover for Body and Soul the third book in the Ghost and the Goth series!

Here is the cover and the synopsis taken from Goodreads! I can't wait!

The Ghost
I’ve been trapped in the body of Lily “Ally” Turner for a month now. Talk about a fashion crisis on an epic scale. What worries me more, though, is sometimes I catch Will looking at me like he thinks I’m Lily...or that he wishes I were. Without the good looks of my former self, I don’t know who I am, or if who that is is good enough. I need out of this mess. Now.

Will and I have been looking for a solution, one that would separate me from Lily without killing her. But it’s not going well. Then, when it seems like things couldn’t get any worse, we run into Misty, my former best friend and boyfriend-stealer extraordinaire, who claims she’s being me. Seriously?

I’m determined to get to the bottom of who’s pretending to be the spirit of Alona Dare (while I’m pretending to be someone else) and then get the heck out of this body. Or die trying...

The Goth
I’ll admit it. It’s really weird to look at Alona but see Lily. I do know the difference, though, contrary to what Alona might be saying. And Alona is more than a pretty face to me, not that she would believe that.

Our one lead for some help in this messed up situation might be a page torn from the yellow pages-—the “Psychics” section-—I found in my dad’s stuff. One of the “fakes” seems a bit more real-—and odd-—than the others. Before I can investigate further, though, Alona is off and chasing a ghost that’s probably nothing more than a figment of Misty’s guilty imagination. Now Lily’s family is freaking out because she didn’t come home, my mom is ordering me to stay out of it, and something is definitely wrong with the person formerly known as Lily “Ally” Turner...

***Will and Alona are HOLDING HANDS! Oh my gosh!!! That.Looks.Promising!! ***

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cover reveal Underworld by Meg Cabot

I was looking around the book blog world and goodreads and there is a new cover out! Here is the cover of Underworld by Meg Cabot! It's just as pretty as the first one!! What do y'all think?

A Touch Morbid synopsis and ARC Giveaway!

Don't know if y'all know yet, but Leah has released the synopsis for A touch morbid. Sounds AWESOME!! If you want to read more AND enter for a chance to win an ARC, head on over to Leah's site and find out more!!!


Hey Y''all it's Nanowrimo in just a little over a day!

I just got myself together  and I signed up! If you don't know, Nanowrimo is the National Novel Writing Month. It's for the month of November and you have 1,666 words a day to write and by the end of the month you have either finished or have come very close to finishing a novel.  If you are signing up let me know in the comments, I'd love to add you as a writing buddy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

In my mailbox 46

In my mailbox is a weekly meme host by The Story Siren.

I got one book this week, it was a book I won. It was a copy of Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane. 
I won the copy from Kai from fiction state of mind. Thank you! So, that's what was in my mailbox leave me a note and let me know what you got in your mailbox.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cover reveal!

I was editing my shelves on goodreads and I came across the cover for White glove war by Katie Crouch and Grady Hendrix. It's not due out until July 3 2012, it's a long wait, but it sounds great!

I like the cover for book 1 better, but this is neat as well. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daring you to read.....Like Mandarin by Kirsten Hubbard

Today Tynga unveiled a brand new meme she is hosting. It's called Daring you to read a meme where bloggers pick a book we have read (released at least 6 months ago) that we enjoyed and are daring you to read.
The book I chose is Like Mandarin by Kirsten Hubbard. I reviewed the book back in March when it came out. I loved the book! I dare all of you to read it!

You can see my review here. It was such an amazing book and it was/is a 2011 debut novel, I never saw a whole lot of buzz for it. But I really liked it, it was one of those books where months after reading it I couldn't get it out of my mind. I love this book, there were so many layers to it!

Hubbard is an amazing story teller, you should get this book now and head on over to Kirsten's site to learn more about her and her books!

Also, stop by Tynga's blog and visit the other blogs on this brand new super fun meme and enter her giveaway for a surprise book to kick off the new meme! Now go out there and I dare you to read Like Mandarin.

Bag of Bones read a long

Hey y'all there is an AWESOME event starting on November 13th! It's the Bag of bones read a long!
Michelle from Castle Macabre is hosting it in anticipation of the A&E mini series on the book that will start in December, I don't have cable so I hope it arrives on DVD soon after so I can watch it. Or I'll bribe my friend with pizza to see I can watch it there.  You should sign up, I have my copy out and ready, I haven't read this one yet so I am very excited!!

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! This will be EPIC!

Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children

  • Reading level: Ages 13 and up
  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Quirk Books; Book Club edition (June 7, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 1594744769
  • Author: Ransom Riggs
  • Cover art: I like it very creepy.
  • Overall rating: **** out of 5 stars
  • Obtained: My personal bookshelf.

Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
Reviewed by Moirae the fates book reviews.
A mysterious island.

An abandoned orphanage.

A strange collection of very curious photographs.

It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. As our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a deserted island for good reason. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they may still be alive.

A spine-tingling fantasy illustrated with haunting vintage photography, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will delight adults, teens, and anyone who relishes an adventure in the shadows.

(Synopsis provided by goodreads)

This is a perfect book for Halloween. The story itself isn't scary per-say, but the pictures that the book is chalk-full of are very creepy in an odd eerie sort of way.
The story was very original, the characters were fun and unique.  It's a hard one to review and not giveaway anything.  This is a book where literally anything is possible. I do wish that grandpa was in the book himself, not just spoken about, but there are obvious reasons why this can't be. 

I liked Enoch's character and the character of Emma. Emma was really sweet but she also had a very suspious side to her, she wasn't very trusting. 

The stories that Grandpa tells are set when he was a child during WWII. He speaks of "monsters" which has a dual meaning of monsters and in my opinion the Nazi regime, as we learn about Grandpa and some of the other children being Jewish. I thought it was a nice touch to have this little historical theme within the book.

All in all I liked the book and I think most people would like it, the pictures really added to the book. It's a fairly fast read and well worth it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The unbecoming of Mara Dyer giveaway on another blog.

Hey, so I know a lot of people entered my giveaway a month ago, I found another blog that is giving away a finished copy of Mara Dyer! I LOVED this book it was amazing! If you want to win, head on over to Melina's blog to enter, it's a twitter entry once per day and you have 2 weeks to enter. Head on over and enter! (It's US only)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Anna dressed in blood

  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Tor Teen; First Edition edition (August 30, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 0765328658
  • Author: Kendare Blake
  • Cover art: Love, love love! The outline of the title has a red tint awesome!
  • Overall rating: **** out of 5 stars
  • Obtained: Won from Sash and Em thank you!

Anna dressed in blood by Kendare Blake
Reviewed by Moirae the fates book reviews.

Cas Lowood has inherited an unusual vocation: He kills the dead.
So did his father before him, until he was gruesomely murdered by a ghost he sought to kill. Now, armed with his father's mysterious and deadly athame, Cas travels the country with his kitchen-witch mother and their spirit-sniffing cat. Together they follow legends and local lore, trying to keep up with the murderous dead—keeping pesky things like the future and friends at bay.
When they arrive in a new town in search of a ghost the locals call Anna Dressed in Blood, Cas doesn't expect anything outside of the ordinary: track, hunt, kill. What he finds instead is a girl entangled in curses and rage, a ghost like he's never faced before. She still wears the dress she wore on the day of her brutal murder in 1958: once white, now stained red and dripping with blood. Since her death, Anna has killed any and every person who has dared to step into the deserted Victorian she used to call home.
But she, for whatever reason, spares Cas's life. (Synopsis provided by goodreads)

This book was really good. The first thing that caught my attention was the font. It was red. I've never had a book that had colored font, it was a really cool touch that added to the story, pure genius whoever had the idea!
I really liked Anna's character, she was unique had she had a lot of depth. She isn't what she appears. I liked Cas, he was fun his character grew a lot from the first to the last page. Thomas' character was great, he made me laugh a lot. Carmel was cute, I found her to be a lot of fun.
I felt like the characters all interacted with one another very well. What I really liked was how Blake showed us what was going on she didn't rely on telling us. She pained a spine chilling story and her imagination is very fertile.
It's not a stretch to say that she is an up in comer in the horror genre, I would go as far to say that she is well on the way to being the Stephen King of YA horror. (I love Stephen King!)
The ending of the book freaked me out! I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book and I can't wait for book two next year!
I highly recommend this book for fans of the horror genre. 

Cover reveal X2!

It's a cover reveal today for 2 books! In my journey around the blogasphere today I came across 2 covers the first is the UK cover for Until I die by Amy Plum. (Due out May 3 2012) I hope the US cover is the same or just as nice!

The other cover is the cover for Timepiece by Myra McEntire.  Due out June 12 2012

I love both covers what are your thoughts?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

In my mailbox 45

In my mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren.

This week I received 3 books, I won one, I bought one and one was sent for review.

The book I won was The Future of Us by Jay Asher. I won the book at the Jay Asher signing for being the first person to ask a question. Thank you very much Jay Asher!

The book I bought was Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick.

The book I got for review was Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard. I got this book via Netgalley Thank you!

That's what was in my mailbox leave me a note and let me know what was in your mailbox I'll be sure to stop by and check it out!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crank mini review

  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Paperback: 544 pages
  • Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books; Original edition (October 5, 2004)
  • ISBN-10: 0689865198
  • Author: Ellen Hopkins
  • Cover Art: I don't like plain covers very much.
  • Overall rating **** out of 5 stars.
  • Obtained: Won, thank you Julie!

Kristina Georgia Snow is the perfect daughter: gifted high school junior, quiet, never any trouble. But on a trip to visit her absentee father, Kristina disappears and Bree takes her place. Bree is the exact opposite of Kristina -- she's fearless. Through a boy, Bree meets the monster: crank. And what begins as a wild, ecstatic ride turns into a struggle through hell for her mind, her soul -- her life. (Synopsis provided by goodreads)

I had seen so many over the moon reviews of this book, I could not wait to get my hands on it. For me it was good, it was better then okay, but not wonderful. It was a quick read, mostly because it was written in verse.  The patterns of the verse were creative, but after page 400, it got a little confusing.
I liked the idea of Kristina/Bree having different thoughts on the same page that was neat.
The book like most "issue" books does have a strong message, it could be interpreted as being "heavy Handed". I think that it is all in how the reader comes to the book and they choose to see it.

It is a good read, but I think it should be kept for older teens, I wouldn't let a 13 year old read it for example. But that is where the parent needs to make that call for their child.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Flint Heart

  • Reading level: Ages 9-12
  • Hardcover: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Candlewick; abridged edition edition (September 27, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 0763647128
  • Author: Katherine Paterson and John Paterson
  • Cover art: I really like it, very whimsical.
  • Overall rating: ***** out of 5 stars
  • Obtained: Sent for review by the publisher thank you Candlewick.

An ambitious Stone Age man demands a talisman that will harden his heart, allowing him to take control of his tribe. Against his better judgment, the tribe’s magic man creates the Flint Heart, but the cruelty of it causes the destruction of the tribe. Thousands of years later, the talisman reemerges to corrupt a kindly farmer, an innocent fairy creature, and a familial badger. Can Charles and his sister Unity, who have consulted with fairies such as the mysterious Zagabog, wisest creature in the universe, find a way to rescue humans, fairies, and animals alike from the dark influence of the Flint Heart? This humorous, hearty, utterly delightful fairy tale is the sort for an entire family to savor together or an adventurous youngster to devour. (Synopsis provided by goodreads)

This is a fun quick book, great for parents to read with their children or for a school teacher to read a loud to their class. John Rocco did an amazing job illustrating the book. The illustrations are beautiful and the colors are vibrant.
The story is good and like all middle grade kids can learn from it. The whole point of the story is to be thankful for what you have, and that is always a great message especially for children, they learn that at a young age chances are it will stay with them through out their lives.

The characters were great fun and they were pretty dynamic even for a children's book. It is an abridged version of a story from 1910, I have not read the original, so I am unable to compare the two.
I believe that children would enjoy this story and if a family reads it together then they can have some great conversations about it together.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Space Between Contest at Brenna Yovanoff's blog

Hey guys over at Brenna Yovanoff's blog she has a contest for 3 finished copies of her new book, The Space Between. 2 copies are US only and 1 copy is international only so everyone has a chance!
This time she is asking us to share when someone helped us even though they didn't have to or when we helped someone and didn't have to.

I'm going to share when someone helped me and didn't have to.

I use to have to this cat that followed me all over, I loved this little cat but she was old. She got really sick and I was holding her one Sunday morning and she she started to twitch, I kept petting her and a short time later she passed away.
I freaked out. I called a friend of mine who canceled her plans to drive over and see me, we went out and looked at furniture then had a taco. It sounds lame, but it really helped me she got me out of the house and away from the memory for a time we talked we laughed, we did what best friends do. She didn't have to come over and cancel her plans but she did.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Murder of Meredith Kercher

  • Paperback: 238 pages
  • Publisher: John Blake; 1st edition (April 1, 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 184454902X
  • Author: Gary C. King
  • Cover Art: I like it, I like the picture of Meredith they found very pretty.
  • Over all rating: **** out of 5 stars
  • Obtained: My personal book shelf.

The Murder of Meredith Kercher by Gary C. King
Reviewed by Moirae the fates book reviews.

Meredith's flatmate Amanda Knox, an American also studying in Italy, initially gave evidence that implicated Patrick Lumumba, the owner of a local bar, and he was arrested. However Know changed her story - claiming her memory had been affected by smoking cannabis - and another man, local drifter Rudy Guede, was arrested, charged with murder and, after a 'fast track' trial, found guilty. But the story didn't end with Guede's conviction. What was Amanda Knox's role on the night of the murder? Prosecutors suspected that Guede, Knox and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito had killed Meredith in a perverted sexual game that went too far. With allegations of inaccurate forensic evidence, police brutality, blackmail and even devil-worship, the trial was destined to be a long and complex affair. Top true-crime author Gary C King presents the whole story behind the real-life courtroom drama that has made headlines around the world. (Synopsis provided by goodreads)

I have followed this case from the beginning and have read now 4 books on the case. What I liked about this book was how evenly balanced it was. King showed the evidence and showed the arguments that both sides used in connection with the evidence.
He was also very tactful in how he described the murder scene, which is very comendable due to the brutal nature of the killing. He also showed what the Italian, British and American press was saying and releasing during the trial and the time leading up to the trials.
I also really liked the emphasis he put on Meredith herself and how she was during her life, not just the way she died. 
The way this book was written, it was difficult to tell what the author's personal thoughts on the case were, which is good, in reality the authors bias and thoughts have nothing to do with the facts of the case, and I really liked how he wasn't afraid to show all the evidence and all the "issues" with the case.
If you are interested in knowing more about this case, I would recommend that you give this book a try.

Jay Asher signing!

So, I got back from the Jay Asher signing! It was SO much fun! Jay is super nice and really funny! He talked about his book Thirteen Reasons Why (you can find my review here.)

He also spoke briefly about his book The future of us, he had 2 ARCs of The Future of Us, that he gave away to the first 2 people who asked a question, I asked the first question and after the second question was asked I got a surprise and he gave me an ARC for being the first person to ask a question!

I can't wait to read it, I keep hearing such wonderful things about it! The Future of us is due out on November 21 2011.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

In my Mailbox 44 *UPDATED*

In my mailbox is a weekly meme is hosted by The Story Siren.

I got 6 books this week, 2 were a gift from my Mum, 2 were from the library 1 was for review and 1 that I won in a giveaway.

The book I got for review was The Flint heart by Katherine Paterson and John Paterson. This book was sent to me for review by Candlewick press Thank you!

One of the books I got from the library was Dear Bully:70 authors tell their stories.

The second book I got from the library was It by Stephen King.

The first book I got as a gift from my Mum  was Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld *Signed* 

The last book I got was also a gift from my Mum it was Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld *Signed* 

I am so embarrassed! I forgot one of the books I got this week, it was one I won.
During the Banned books giveaway, I won a book of my choice from the banned book list, I chose a copy of Crank by Ellen Hopkins. Thank you Julie!

That's what was in my mailbox this week, leave me a note and let me know what you got, I'll be sure to stop by and have a look! I am very excited for the Jay Asher signing tomorrow!