Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Luce Advocacy

Hey y’all I’m from Moirae the fates book reviews. I’ve been blogging for a bit over a year. You can find me on twitter @moiraethefates.
I am the official advocate for Luce Price from Lauren Kate’s Fallen series.

Luce is pale and has dark hair, she is 17 years old. She lives in our world, except she runs with angels. Fallen angels, some on the side of light some on the side of dark.
Luce is in love with Daniel Grigori, who is a fallen angel. They have a cycle, every 17 years they meet, fall in love, but Luce always dies. She was sent to a reform school after an incident at her old school in which a fellow student was hurt.

Best Attributes:
Luce’s has a lot of great attributes. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and to Daniel. She also thinks for herself, she doesn’t just take what others tell her for gospel truth. She seeks out her own answers and no matter what is thrown at her, she pushes through. She has a strong personality and a strong sense of self.

What makes her a heroine SPOILER WARNING:

I can’t answer this with out spoilers.
Luce is a heroine because she is fearless. In book three she takes an announcer and steps through alone exploring her and Daniel’s past lives. She finds that no matter when or where they lived she always met him, she could always find herself or her soul in the past. She learns that during the fall, the reason she and Daniel were cursed was because he refused to choose between good and evil, he chose Luce.
She also learns that Daniel doesn’t have the free will to chose her or not, but she does and she always chooses him. It doesn’t matter if it’s dangerous for her or not, she chooses him.
In this life the cycle will end when she dies, since she wasn’t baptized when she dies, her soul will not continue on and Daniel will be alone, Luce is determined to find a way to fix this so her and Daniel can truly  be together. How much more brave can a girl get?! 
Even when her best friend in Fallen at Sword and Cross school is murdered, Luce finds the inner strength to push on. She is away from her family and her best friend from home. When she and Daniel first meet, he's a bit of jerk to her, but we later find out that is simply because he is trying to keep her away so he doesn't have to deal with loosing her again.

Why you should vote for Luce instead of Tessa:

I’m not going to lie, Tessa is awesome as well. But Luce should get your vote for one simple reason, she is fully human. Unlike Tessa, Luce doesn’t have any special powers (That we know of so far.) She is brave in the face of danger. I’d argue that she is more brave because she has no special powers, she has no extra means to protect herself against the dark side of the fallen angels that pose a threat to her.

Anything to add:

Vote for Luce, she is a true heroine, and she is awesome!

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