Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball

  • Reading level: Ages 13 and up
  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire; 1 edition (September 1, 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 1402241062
  • Author: Risa Green
  • Cover Art: Cute.
  • Overall rating: **** out of 5 stars
  • Obtained: My personal book shelf.

The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball by Risa Green
Reviewed by Moirae the fates book reviews.

In a world where nothing is certain, a little magic couldn't hurt...right?

When Erin Channing's favorite aunt dies, Erin is bequeathed a pink crystal ball and a set of weird instructions. Granted, Aunt Kiki (aka Aunt Kooky) always lived "outside the box." But now Erin and her two best friends are convinced that the pink crystal ball holds the key to their future-or at least the key to getting dates...

Consider Your Fate to Be Sealed . . . Absolute knowledge is not unlimited; let the planets be your guide to the number. There are sixteen ways to die, but four of them you will never see. The future belongs to you alone. Other voices will be disappointed.One rotation is as far as you can see. Only uncertainty lies beyond. (Synopsis provided by goodreads)

I really enjoyed this book. It was fun, lighthearted and cute. I thought that Erin was a very believable character and her struggles felt genuine. Her friends were also likable, Samantha was a little irritating at times but still she was a fun character. 

I liked the relationship between Jesse and Erin, it developed slowly and the issues that they faced were issues that could have been any high school love. 

Lindsay, was a typical high school girl who has a problem with being bullied and she makes a mess of things but is able to see the error of her ways. 

All of the characters were real and true characters they were fun and an over all delight to escape with. The way the book ended left it open to a sequel and I really hope Green writes one for it.

If you are looking for a fun fast lighthearted read give this a try.

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