Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amy Plum reading challenge!

Amy Plum Challenge
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This is the 350th post!

I have decided to host my first ever challenge! YAY!!!!! It's simple, and will last from January 1 to July 1. My challenge is to read Amy Plums Die for me and Until I die (Out May 8 2012)
As you well know I LOVE Die for Me! So I thought this would be a fun easy challenge for everyone.

The rules:

1) Make a post with the button telling others about the challenge.
2) Link your post about the challenge in the linky below. (Opens at Midnight Nov 9)
3) Add the button to your side bar so others can join in on the fun!
4) Leave a link to each of  the reviews on this linky as well with "review" visible.
5) Read both books between January 1 2012 and July 1 2012!
6) Please leave a comment for me so I don't miss your post and I can check out your blog in a timely manner.
7) Have fun!

**NOTE** If you don't have a blog feel free to sign up in the comments and leave your thoughts on the books there as well. I will make posts updating my progress and my thoughts and I'll include yours as well if you do not have a blog. I want everyone to be able to participate! 

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