Monday, October 17, 2011

The Space Between Contest at Brenna Yovanoff's blog

Hey guys over at Brenna Yovanoff's blog she has a contest for 3 finished copies of her new book, The Space Between. 2 copies are US only and 1 copy is international only so everyone has a chance!
This time she is asking us to share when someone helped us even though they didn't have to or when we helped someone and didn't have to.

I'm going to share when someone helped me and didn't have to.

I use to have to this cat that followed me all over, I loved this little cat but she was old. She got really sick and I was holding her one Sunday morning and she she started to twitch, I kept petting her and a short time later she passed away.
I freaked out. I called a friend of mine who canceled her plans to drive over and see me, we went out and looked at furniture then had a taco. It sounds lame, but it really helped me she got me out of the house and away from the memory for a time we talked we laughed, we did what best friends do. She didn't have to come over and cancel her plans but she did.

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