Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Space Between ARC Contest at Brenna Yovanoff's blog

Brenna Yovanoff has a contest for 1 of 2 ARCs of The Space Between there are also 2 SIGNED dust jackets of The Space Between as well. To enter we have to tell her about an item we have that is meaningful to us. Head on over and enter!

My item is a perfume bottle. A very close friend of mine went on vacation to the Mediterranean and brought me back this beautiful hand painted bottle of perfume. The perfume is long used now but the bottle still sits with my lotions and other perfumes.
It means a lot to me because my friend was thinking of me and he brought it back from a far off land. I freak out if anyone touches it because I don't want it to break!
It's white with thin gold pin stripes around it and hand painted daisies. I still have the box it came in!

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