Friday, September 23, 2011

Contest craze mini challenge who should be a couple.

Okay so one of today's mini challenges is hosted by Princess Bookie, who hosts the contest craze.

Her mini challenge is to pick 2 people from a book, movie or tv show (It can be different books, movies or tv shows) who are not a couple and say why you think they should be.

Mine is Dean and Jo from Supernatural (Season 7 starts tonight!!)

Wanting them to be a couple is not a new idea, I know loads of people wanted them together. They would have been perfect! They both hunt, they both had Dad's who hunt, both of them have at least one dead parent. It would have been so cool! Jo likes similar music as Dean and like Dean she was willing to die for others.

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TheReadingOwl said...

FINALLY someone else who ships Dean and Jo! I don't understand how so many can hate Jo! Besides, she and Dean had more chemistry than Dean and Lisa. Lisa was really random...

But my one true pairing in Supernatural have to be Dean and Castiel. YOU KNOW THEY LOVE EACH OTHER! It's obvious they do! Haha xD