Thursday, September 22, 2011

Contest craze mini challenge timeless

Princess Bookie's contest craze continues today with the mini challenge hosted by Black Fingernailed Reviews. In this mini challegne we are to tell what time period in history we would go to and why.

For me, it's a dead tie between the ancient world and the Renaissance. Really different I know!
I would love to visit the ancient world, how awesome would it be to hear the great thinkers like Aristotle? The Greek culture has influenced so much of what we have now.
I took a history class a few years ago that focused mainly on ancient Greece and Rome. The people back then had amazing technology.
The Romans had some of the most ingenuous techniques for the baths. Both cultures had amazing battle techniques the Spartans for one.  After reading a book about them I became convinced that they were the last group you wanted to be fighting.
With the Romans, you didn't want to upset them or you may have found yourself in the Colosseum.

The Renaissance, the time of the great painters in history, Michelangelo,  Raphael, I mean who wouldn't want to go see the paintings and sculptures when they had just been finished and to be able to walk the streets with these great painters can you say awesome?!  I have always wanted to see these great painting the buildings from the ancient world that are still there today.

The dresses the women wore during the Renaissance were beautiful! Sure you bathed once a year so the smell must have been unimaginable and you'd probably die if you caught a cold. But who cares! It would have been awesome to see it all!

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