Monday, September 19, 2011

Contest craze mini challenge One true pairing.

Princess Bookie's  contest craze continues today with a mini challenge hosted by Jennie.

The challenge is to pick your favorite YA couple that you think is a One True Pair and say why. My pick was easy, Daniel and Luce from Lauren Kate's Fallen series.
This pair is different in the fact that they have had so many lives and no matter what they always find one another, Daniel and Luce always CHOOSE one another in every life. How sweet is that?! My pick for who I think would portray them is as follows, I know Lucy Hale got the role of Luce, but my pick is different. For Luce I have always pictured Selena Gomez and for Daniel Jamie Campbell Bower who will play Jace Wayland in TMI film!


Jennie said...

I love your choice! ;) I think your picks for the actors are great. I've always thought that Selena looks like Lucy Hale. Hehe And Jamie is gorgeous and perfect for Daniel.

Nicole@The More the Merrier said...

Nice pairing! I really like Luce and Daniel.