Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wishing upon a star a tale of the holocaust and hope

This is a book that is written so younger children can read it ages 8 and up I would say. However, people of all ages should read it.
I was lucky enough to meet Eline Hoekstra. She shared her story in a history class I took. The sheer strength she has is amazing. Her story made me cry and after she was done,  I got to stay behind and speak with her a bit more.
She told me how when she was in a work camp, she made sure to laugh everyday. She said they would make fun of the Nazis and Hitler and laugh, it was a small victory for them.
She told the class how she had a baby and he was blond with blue eyes, she hid him with a Dutch woman down the road, after the war was over she got her son back.
The woman who hid her son has since passed away, but Eline was able to get her name on the list of the rightous in Israel. (A list of gentiles who helped Jews during the war.)
This is a fast but powerful read. Meeting a survivor and hearing her story is an experience that I am grateful I had.

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Anna said...

How wonderful that you were able to meet her and hear her story in person! I'm sure that's an experience you will never forget. I hope it's okay to link to your post on War Through the Generations.