Sunday, May 15, 2011

Siege of Darkness

Tragedy strikes Zithel, and the city of monks goes up in flames. The Earth-Wizard Mazarian has disappeared, and the army of Asgoth has taken back the Wizard Crystals of the Elements, ready to deliver them into the hands of their master: the Demon Lord Abaddon, where they will be corrupted and used against the very elements they were created to protect, deforming the world to a blackened void. As Darshun Luthais—the chosen Guardian of earth—emerges from the mystical Shajin Island, having completed his training, ready to combat the forces of evil, he not only finds himself in the center of this chaos, but is also torn in different directions. Part of him longs to obey the wisdom of the Elders by relocating the crystals and fleeing Asgoth, while his Nasharin nature thirsts for battle, eager to take on the many trials that stand in his way, keeping him from what he desires most, challenging Abaddon, the ultimate terror. (Synopsis provided by goodreads)

I was very excited to receive a copy of this book. I just had to find out what happened to all of the characters, especially my favorite Darshun. This book picked up right where the first one left off! We get to see more of our old friends from the first book and we meet new characters. 
I really enjoyed seeing the growth and development in Darshun. He still has his demeanor from the first book showing through, but he's also growing as a character. 
All of the action in this book was very well done and the dialog was great. I found again that the author got to the point of what he wanted the reader to know with out giving us too much information. 
The whole book flowed seamlessly and I never felt that it was slow. All of the relationships between the characters, felt true and never forced. I can't wait till book three! I have to know what happens next!

Overall rating ***** 5 out of 5 stars
Cover art I found the cover art to be very mysterious looking, I think it fit the book very well.
Obtained I received a copy for review from the author thank you!

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