Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life is Beautiful film

In this poignant tragicomedy, a clever Jewish Italian waiter named Guido (Roberto Benigni, who also directs and won an Oscar for his role) is sent to a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, along with his wife (Nicoletta Braschi) and their young son (Giorgio Cantarini). Refusing to give up hope, Guido tries to protect his son's innocence by pretending that their imprisonment is an elaborate game, with the grand prize being a tank. (Synopsis provided by Netflix)

This is such an amazing movie. The father is strong and will do anything to protect his son and keep the boy from being afraid.
Everyday, the father keeps up his story telling his son how many points they have and how close they are to winning the tank. 
This is a very sad film, however there is a sliver lining at the end and the viewer is left with some hope.
I would recommend this film to anyone, it is in Italian with subtitles.

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