Sunday, May 1, 2011

Holocaust Remembrance Week

This week on The Introverted Reader, there will be a week of remembrance for the Holocaust. I have joined her and you can find a link to her original post in my sidebar. I have a few books to review that are not part of this and some that are. I have deadlines with some of the reviews and they need to be posted. All of the posts that are apart of  the remembrance, I'll post a picture with.

I myself and not Jewish, however I have a few friends who are and one of them had a family member that was in a work camp during that time.
I have done my best to educate myself on what went on during this time, I took a class that was specifically about the history of the Holocaust, in that class, I had the opportunity to meet a survivor and listen to her story. I have never met a stronger woman in my life. I will be reviewing her book later this week.
About a year ago, I wrote to Mr. Elie Wiesel, and to my surprise, he wrote back to me. One thing he said that made a lot of sense is that hate can begin with something as small as saying: "I don't like that person, they have a weird accent, or they dress bad, or they are from this state or this country." I think at one point in time everyone has a thought of "Wow people from this place are strange or wow that is an odd religion."
This is an important week. Many people are forgetting or simply not speaking about it. If we ignore it, history can repeat itself. The world cannot let that happen! Over 6 million people were murdered by an evil regime.
When I was in high school, I had a teacher who was a Holocaust denier. He taught history. I was stunned.
Throughout the week I will post reviews of books and movies that are about the Holocaust.
We must always remember the lives lost.


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