Saturday, May 7, 2011

Holocaust Remembrance Week Wrap-Up

I just wanted to take a moment to wrap up the week. I featured books and movies about the Shoah. 
One thing I want people to take away from this is that we have to remember what happened, we have to tell the stories of the survivors and the stories of those that were murdered in cold blood. The survivours are getting older and starting to die off, soon there will be no one left that was there to tell their story, so it's up to us to tell it, to keep it from happening again.
6 million Jews were killed, 6 million lives were lost, 6 million chances for great things, who knows we could have had a cure for cancer, a cure to Alzheimer's. How many great artists did we loose? How many great inventors? How many comedians? This never should have happened and should never happen again.
I want to dedicate my participation in this to the 6 million who are not here to tell their story.

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