Friday, February 25, 2011

Dirty Little Angels

Dirty Little Angels by Chris Tusa
Reviewed by Moirae the fates book reviews

Set in the slums of New Orleans, among clusters of crack houses and abandoned buildings, Dirty Little Angels is the story of sixteen year old Hailey Trosclair. When the Trosclair family suffers a string of financial hardships and a miscarriage, Hailey finds herself looking to God to save her family. When her prayers go unanswered, Hailey puts her faith in Moses Watkins, a failed preacher and ex-con. Fascinated by Moses' lopsided view of religion, Hailey, and her brother Cyrus, begin spending time down at an abandoned bank that Moses plans to convert into a drive-through church. Gradually, though, Moses' twisted religious beliefs become increasingly more violent, and Hailey and Cyrus soon find themselves trapped in a world of danger and fear from which there may be no escape. (Synopsis provided by goodreads)

I don't normally read books as dark as this one. (The darkest I get is usually horror, even then I have to be in the mood). While reading this book, I never thought it would have a happily ever after ending.
There was a lot of violence in this book, for me the animal violence was hardest to read as I am a huge animal person. Aside from that, I liked the book. It's not for everyone by any means. The writing is good and the characters always felt real to me. Tusa isn't afraid of having flawed characters. I like it when a reader can easily find the flaws in a character it makes them more real. Tusa, doesn't have any Mary-sue characters which is a welcome relief!
As dark as this book was, I found myself unable to stop reading. The descriptions are very vivid and realistic.
Tusa is a promising new author and if you enjoy dark gritty stories you'll like this one, if a lot of violence, sex, and non-happy endings bother you, I would suggest you skip this one.

Overall rating:
***1/2 3 ½ out of 5 stars

Cover art:
I found the cover art interesting it reflected the story well.

I won an e-copy of the book from the author via librarything. Thank you!

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Mardel said...

I read this one also, but I read it last year, I think. I remember I liked it, and I also enjoyed the flawed characters. It was a dysfunctional family trying just trying to live their lives...and poor Hailey, trying to deal with her dad, and her pretty much absent mom - the mom's there but not there.

Good book.