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The Wraith by Goodloe Byron

The Wraith by Goodloe Byron
Reviewed by Moirae the fates book reviews.

Itching for freedom, Linus leaves home and moves into a trailer park with some of his friends. There they are free to live as carefree wastrels. But it is not what Linus expects. His best friend Rex abruptly vanishes, his roommate John begins to surround himself with criminals and his job at the local gas station becomes increasingly unstable. At the same time Linus is haunted by his neighbor Clyde, an elderly security guard who seems to appear at any place and anytime, often spending all evening at the window watching them and peering into their lives.
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I want to first start by saying that this is the first book by Byron I have read and it is defiantly not a book for everyone. It is off-beat and there are some adult themes and situations in the book.

This was the first book I have read that is of this particular writing style. (No quotation marks) that drove me nuts. However, even with that, I found myself pulled into Linus’ world. His, story was intriguing and odd. As a fan on the odd, I found this book hard to put down. The oddness of the story reminded me of something that Edger Allen Poe or Stephen King would write. Because I am such a fan of their works, I am really harsh on reading books about the strange or odd.

What I loved about this book was the way that it is written gives the reader a more in-depth idea and picture of Linus, which can be a difficult thing to achieve. I felt that the main character was walking around in a haze if you will. Which, also added to the “cloudy” feeling the book had. But it worked! Byron wove such an great story in this tale.

I didn’t feel that the story was over though, I was left wanting more, there were so many unanswered questions at the end of this book I was left feeling cheated almost. Over all, I would recommend this book to others.

Over all rating:

****4 out of 5 stars.

Cover art:
I thought the torn hole look was pretty neat I had never seen that before, the leaves gives it a creepy other-worldly feel.

I received a copy from goodreads first reads. Thank you!

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