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Mystify by Artist Arthur Early Review.

Mystify by Artist Arthur Early Review.
Reviewed by Moirae the fates book reviews.

Sometimes being an outsider is the best way to fit in…
Sasha Carrington has grown up feeling like an outsider, and her parents are too concerned with scaling the Lincoln, Connecticut, social ladder to even notice her. They’d be really horrified to know about the supernatural abilities Sasha and her friends Krystal and Jake possess. But as part of the Mystyx, Sasha has found her place.

Now her parents have suddenly taken an interest in everything she does, and their timing couldn’t be worse. Sasha’s father wants her to become BFFs with snooty Alyssa Turner, who hates Krystal for stealing her boyfriend. Then there’s Antoine Watson, the boy Sasha has liked forever, the boy her parents would never approve of. But with the dark side getting more dangerous by the day, and the Mystyx’s own powers growing in unexpected ways, Sasha is facing choices that could affect her friends, her love life—and even her destiny…

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In the second Mystyx book, we get to know a bit more about our friends. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first book, but I gave this one a try. I found it to be much better. The narrator voice seemed much stronger in this one.
One thing I really liked was how much growth we can see in the world from one book to the next. The author’s voice is growing and it seemed to me to be much stronger then in the first one. Which is always a great thing to see. I love seeing an author’s voice get stronger from one book to the next. It shows me as a reader that their world and characters have a lot more to offer that we have not seen yet.

Sasha’s relationships with her fellow Mystyx seemed more real in this one then the Mystyx relationships in the previous book. I enjoyed the story line of her love interest and it was a believable one. It reminded me of a friend’s relationship in high school.

I do wish that there had more to the story. I felt it was a bit on the short side and I felt that I was left with more questions then I had answers, which is a letdown for me. I found myself frustrated with the ending, because it was short. But I know that no book will ever answer all the questions fans have. I would recommend reading this book, even if you didn’t like the first one, this was miles better.

Over all rating:
***3 out of 5 stars. Go out and get a copy (in a legal way of course) and read it!

Cover art:
I found the cover art to be like the book a fun airy feel.

Obtained: I obtained an ARC through the publisher via Netgalley. Thank you!

*This book will be available January 18 2011

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