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Annexed by Sharon Dogar

Annexed by Sharon Dogar

Review by Moirae the fates book reviews.

I picked this book up because I love the Diary of Anne Frank. It’s always a difficult subject to read.
Writing a fictional book based on a real person in a situation like this must be difficult. My biggest fear with this book was that it would somehow change who the people in the secret annex were. Or at least change how people thought of them.
I think the author did a good job in be sensitive to the memory of the people she was writing about and being sensitive to the survivors of the Holocaust and the people who were persecuted.
It’s hard to talk about character development in this, but you could see how her Peter was growing and how he was dealing with the situation they were in. She did a good job in bringing it all to light and making the reader feel like they were with Peter and seeing everything he was seeing.
One thing to remember is that after they were taken away from the annex, there is little we know about what really happened. We have records telling who went where, but knowing what they thought and felt, of course we have no idea, we can only guess.
I think that over all this was well written and would be good to read along with The Diary of Anne Frank. Knowing this is a fictional version of course.
I do think this was a very powerful book and it was a very hard one to read mostly when it gets to part two when Peter is in the camps after being found in the annex.
I did like how at the end the author put a blurb about each person in the annex and what happened to them after they were taken.

Over all:
I would give this book *** 3 out of five stars.

What parents need to know:
I would say more then anything a parent needs to read this book before letting a younger child read it. The subject matter is very heavy and it is a very sad book.

Cover Art:
I liked the cover art, I liked how they have the arm band with the Star of David right there so one can’t miss it.

I got this book from the publisher.

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Nice review
I love this kind of books. Unfortunately, all the publisher in Indonesia recently tends to publish YA book with fantasy inside.

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