Friday, October 8, 2010


Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson is the most powerful YA (young adult) book I have ever read. The tag line is I swear to be the skinniest girl in school, skinnier then you. The tag line its self is haunting. The book as all of Anderson’s works is well researched and beautifully written.
Lia the main character struggles with anorexia, a topic that is not talked about in most societies. Lia comes from a dysfunctional family and is dealing with the loss of her best friend. Her friend was also a sufferer of anorexia, but she was also a cutter. (A person who cuts themselves.) The friend was found dead in a hotel room.
This book really opens up the closed secret world of eating disorders, Lia is consumed with counting calories and staying thin. She takes food and puts it on a plate before throwing it out, she then puts the dirty plate out so her family will think she is eating, she has been to rehab before and has to be weighed each day to ensure that she is not loosing weight again, however Lia has taken to sewing quarters into the pockets of her ratty bathrobe to add a little extra weight without her Step-Mother knowing that she has the coins.
This book can be very difficult to read if you or someone you know suffers or has suffered from an eating disorder like anorexia before. Throughout the book, the readers can see into Lia’s head and can see what she is thinking and how anorexia is consuming her life and how counting her calories has become as natural as breathing.
People around Lia know she is ill, but the illness is not one that can be fixed over night.
It’s a beautiful and haunting story that should be required reading for every student in the country as well as their parents. I recommend this book to every girl young and old alike as well as anyone who is curious about the illness.
I would say that if you have struggled with an eating disorder in the past then please be in a safe place before you read this book, as it could be triggering for some. I personally know someone who suffers from anorexia and said she had to put the book down until she was in a safe place.

What parents need to know:
Wintergirls is a very serious book and I would recommend that parents read it before their teen.

The cover art:
I found the cover art very haunting, it fit the title, but it didn’t give off a vibe of being about anorexia.

My overall rating:
My over all rating for Wintergirls is ***** 5 out of 5 stars.

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I_Still_Exist said...

Great review :) I plan on going to the library next week for this one!

Moirae(thefates) book reviews said...

It is truly amazing, let me know what you think of it XX

D.L.T. (Delaney) said...

I loved this book! I really liked how Anderson made made it so vivid!

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D.L.T. (Delaney) said...

Great review! Loved this book!

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