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Torment by Lauren Kate Review

Torment by Lauren Kate review by Moireaethefatesbooktreviews.
I was so excited to read the sequel to the best seller Fallen. I was not disappointed! Kate has done it again! Torment picks up where Fallen left off. We get to follow Luce to California and to new school; Daniel and Cam are working together against a mutual foe.
While Luce is at her new school, her family and friends in Georgia think she is still at Sword&Cross. Daniel, has given her strict instructions to stay at her new school for her own protection, Luce doesn’t listen and gets into some tough spots.
We learned in Fallen that Luce has been reincarnated; in Torment we get a glimpse into her past lives. We also learn more about the strange shadows that have been following Luce her whole life.
We do not see Daniel as much in this book as we did in book one. But we do get to meet some new characters that are just as strong as Kate’s other characters.
We meet a new breed of angels that are born of a mortal and a fallen angel. This group was very interesting and I simply loved what they brought to the story.
This story was jam packed with much wanted info and is action packed from cover to cover!
We get more of an insight into Luce and Daniel’s relationship, which was refreshing.
Kate has given her fans a fast-paced well-written plot. As always her character development is flawless! Her writing is amazing it never felt like she was trying to force a plot that wasn’t there. The plot was always there and it flows beautifully.
I have heard the books compared to Twilight, but in my opinion the two are nothing alike. They are two separate books by two separate authors. I can’t say how much I loved this book! Ms. Kate is one of the best authors of the YA adult genera. I simply devour her books!
She has said that her upcoming book Passion which is set to be released in Summer 2011, will be a prequel to Fallen and we get to see a bit from Daniel’s point of view as well. Which I am looking forward to, I keep looking to see if the book is available for pre-order!

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***** 5 out of 5 stars
What parents need to know:
There is some language but not much in this book, the only “sexual content” is kissing.

Over all rating:
***** 5 out of 5

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