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Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall
Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, was a very enjoyable read. The book centers around Sophie Mercer a young girl with magical powers, when a spell she casts goes wrong, she is sentenced to a reform school by “the Council”. The school has witches, warlocks, weres, shifters, fairies and one vampire student.
The book is a mash of Harry Potter, Fallen and Hawkins own twists and turns. I simply loved this book!
There are some ‘dark’ elements to the book, but its not overly dark. While Sophie is at the school, there are a number of attacks on other students resulting in the death of one of them while Sophie is there and we hear of a death that happened the year before she arrived.
Sophie has one very good friend in the book, Jenna who is blamed for the attacks due to the fact that the attacks seem vampire inflicted and Jenna is the only vampire student at the school. The book has some things that are very predictable, but there were a lot of things that I never would have thought would have happened. Hawkins did an amazing job with her surprise ending. Sophie was a very believable character and her sarcasm was a great edition to the tone and humor of the story. Some people may feel Sophie is annoying or complains too much, but I felt she was a true teenager. Sophie has a very believable relationship with the other characters in the book. I really enjoy the relationship she has with her roommate Jenna, the pair compliment one another in a wonderful way that really added a lot to the story.
What I liked the most about the book, is that Sophie is far from being Mary-Sue, do all the other characters like her? No. Is the smartest or prettiest girl in the school? No. I really liked that, its getting harder to find a book that has characters that are as believable as the ones Hawkins created. This book is the first in a series with the second one due out March of 2011.

What parents need to know:
The book talks about sex a little bit, but not in depth, there is kissing in it, but nothing graphic. The book is very PG-13, due to the content, I would say its good for ages 14 and up.

The cover art:
The cover art was really neat, I simply love the mirror image with Sophie and the ghost .

Over all rating
**** 4 out of 5 starts


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