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The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade

The Ghost and the Goth Review.

The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade was an interesting read. The book is written in a dual narration, the narrators are Alona Dare (the ghost) and William Killian (the goth).
Alona is the popular blond three-time prom queen and head-cheerleader.  Alona has never really noticed Will before, she has an idea about him that is deeply rooted in stereotypes and her own prejudices.
Will, is a loner and has secrets of his own, for example, he can see and speak to the dead. From the start, he is the only one that can see and speak with Alona, however it is not always easy. Like Alona, Will has his own ideas about her that are also rooted in stereotypes and his own prejudice.
The book opens with Alona telling us about her demise, when she was hit and killed by a bus. She wonders around the school and soon finds that her so-called friends and school mates never liked her very much.  She discovers that her boyfriend and best friend have been a pair on the sly before her death, and that the whole school knew the entire time. She soon finds that Will is the only one who can see her. The pair must work together to meet their individual goals.
Through out the book, Will learns that the perfect life that Alona portrays is far from perfect, just as Alona soon finds that Will is carrying around a lot of pain from his past, the death of his father and a mystery about a girl named Lily.
The way that Kade wrote the relationship between Alona and Will is very believable. The obstacles they have to over come and the revelations they come to about one another are truly remarkable and realistic, the relationship never felt as if Kade was trying to force something that wasn't there, it was very refreshing. Her characters are not Mary-Sue and have wonderful strengths and weaknesses the reader is able to feel as if they are watching it all unfold in front of them with Kade's beautifully written descriptions.
Though this is an YA (young adult) book, I feel that people of all ages can enjoy it. This book does touch very lightly on heavy subjects such as death, suicide, homosexuality, teen sexuality and alcohol abuse.
This is a well thought out well written book with twists I never saw coming. The ending was a huge shock I am looking forward to Kade's next book.

What parents need to know:
The book has some language, not a lot and the sexual content consists of talk about sex but nothing graphic, the first chapter contains some sexual activity, but again nothing graphic this is a very PG-13 book.

The cover art:
 At first the cover art worried me that the book would be too middle-schoolish, but I was very wrong it was amazing and not at all campy like one may expect from the cover.

Over all rating:

**** 4 out of 5 stars. 

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